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Hi, this blog is an open space, where I will share my artwork: acrylic and watercolour paintings, mixed media collages, sketches, and coloured pencil drawings.

Visual art is a new 'hobby' which started on 30th June 2015. I'd been thinking about taking up an art class but somehow hadn't managed to take the plunge until recently.  Also, I was reluctant to join a college course, not wanting to take art that formal.

While searching to see whether there was a poetry group near where I live, I stumbled across the Fellowship of Professional & Amateur Artists.  Having spoken to the well-established and well-known and respected John Frederick Black, whose artwork is very impressive, I took the plunge and went along to John's art studio called The Shed.

I'd recently written a poem called Still a Tree, using  a photo of me sitting on a Banyan tree in Tenerife, taken in 1988, and within two hours, I produced my first 'piece' using coloured pencils!  I wasn't sure at first, that is, about this new experience, but as time went on, I liked it even more.  Here is the photo.

The two hours that I sat sketching/drawing seemed to fly by and this is the drawing I ended up with! It's a start, I thought, so since then I've gone on to draw a range of pieces, a couple of times a week, which you will see shared on the home page.

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