Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Image of the Week: Borders

Creative Process:

This is my first piece of abstract art!  Inspired by the book Creating Abstract Art: Ideas and Inspirations for Passionate Art-Making, and in particular the choice of colours in *Wassily Kandinsky's Improvisation No 26 piece, I selected the Prisma colours Noir, Canary Yellow, Crimson Red, Apple & Grass Green and Crayola's Sky Blue.  

Prompted by the book's Exercise 1: Connecting Eleven Dots, I randomly lightly pencilled 11 dots on the A4 sketch paper. Then it was simply a process of joining the dots and...well the creative process from then on is mostly an unknown, except for the 'constraint' of the chosen five colours and the 11 dots.  The title Borders was chosen as a result of how I felt when I was drawing the sections' edges.

*Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) is the first man who, with paint and brush, created a nonrepresentational work of art.

Where art comes from is a mystery.  It comes unannounced.  It has the quality of gift. The source from where it comes is hidden from us. Like all creativity, it stands us in possibility.  It comes from impulse and dream, from raising the inarticulate, from going below the floor of consciousness.  To do this, we must break free of the confines of the known and fixed.  As artists, we do this with our materials - with our hands.  And in this confluence of mind and matter abstraction is not only relevant, it is essential.
                                - Timothy Hawkesworth.

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